Floor Sanders

Eibenstock - Made in GermanyEIBENSTOCK, based in Germany, are Europe's leading manufacture of power tools. The ERS180 sander is a powerful tool for easy handling of floor work. It is an ideal hand held rotary sander-edger with a range of discs available for sanding wooden floors, removing varnish and stripping paint,

ERS180 Rotary Sander-Edger

This is a medium weight power tool with a cut away dust guard front edge for sanding wooden floors right up to the floor edge
The sander is complete with a dustex hood that allows dust free operation when coupled with a suitable vac
The yellow multi-hole discs will finish wood and sheet material surfaces, remove paint and varnish
The range of discs are velcro backed
Grits are available from medium grit 40 up to 500


• sanding wooden floors & boards
• removing varnishes
• stripping floor paint


  • ERS180 Rotary Sander-Edger 700w
  • Speed 1450rpm
  • Velcro disc 180mm
  • Prep rate up to 50m/hr