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Mixing Equipment

Refina MM30 1800w Megamixer

The MM30 Megamixer is a robust power tool with a 1800 watt motor that will generate a fast, thorough mix action


Refina RM65 Rotamixer

Using the RM65 Rotamixer to mix Parex Monorex render


Spraying Equipment

Refina Superflex Skimming Spatula

Using the STX515T and EEG19 lance gun to spray K Rend


Refina Superflex Skimming Spatula

Using the STX515T to spray Parex DPR Sand Fine Finish


Refina One Coat Render Sprayer & Compressor

The Refina STX515T Spray Pump and Spray Lance are used along a compressor to spray one coat render


Refina Spray Render & Plaster Pump, Compressor & Finishing Tools

The Refina STX515T Spray Render & Plaster Pump are used along a compressor to spray one coat render


Refina Rotapump Pumping Tecroc

Refina Rotapump pumping Tecroc thixotropic grout that has been mixed first with the MM30 Megamixer


Flooring & Surface Preparation

Refina EPG400 render float

The EPG400 being used by Powell Plastering for scraping back render


Refina EPO180 Surface Scabbler

The EPO180 Surface Scabbler will clean, key and prepare wall and floor surfaces


Refina Floor Stripper

The RFX210 Floor Stripper lifts carpet tiles and floor coverings leaving minimum residue


Refina PD23 Alpha Floor Grinder with Dustex Vac

The PD23 is a heavy duty floor grinder which is easy to set up, use and maintain


Eibenstock EBS1802H 5" Diamond Grinder

The Eibenstock EBS1802H is a powerful 1800 watt 5" diamond grinder


Plastering & Rendering Tools

plastering video

Guide to plastering using Refina trowels and equipment


quions video

Guide to creating quoins using Refina Tools & Weber render


Refina Superflex Skimming Spatula

The Superflex Skimming Spatula an ultra flexible spatula made from a very fine grade of steel


Other Product Videos

Refina Aluminium Bucket Scoop

The Aluminium Bucket Scoop. One scoop is exactly one hawk load


Adjustable Board Prop & Jack

Adjustable Board Prop with a sprung quick release head that springs into position


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