Rendering Tools & Equipment

REFINA supply a wide range of equipment and tools for the rendering trade. Our mixing equipment is the most reliable and durable range of German made MEGAMIXER mixer drills and mixer paddles. To mix larger quantities of rendering material we have a range of ROTAMIXERS that will mix concrete mortars, resin bonded aggregates, K-Rend and lime mortars.

For material application we supply pumps, spray guns and compressors. Also check out our hand tools for the perfect finish

Mixing Equipment



Our Megamixers will mix render & external wall insulation coatings, mortars & epoxy renders. We have a range of paddles that will suit the material you are using and are available in sizes depending on the quantity that you will be mixing

The EZR22 twin paddle Megamixer is designed to mix heavier materials & repair mortars, epoxies, lime mortars and fibre filled materials

We supply forced action Rotamixers, rotary mortar mixers and roller pan mortar mixers that will mix repair mortars, epoxy mortars, resin bonded aggregates, sand & cement renders, monocouche & K-Rend, lime mortars and fibre filled materials



Mortar mixers

Click here for a guide on mixing mortar for pointing

Spray Equipment



REFINA air powered spray equipment is designed to compliment our range of mixers and will apply sand & cement renders, textured coatings, lime mortars, waterproof renders & tanking

Hopper spray gun

Render & spar dash spray gun

Electric & petrol compressors

Screw spray pumps

Mortar pointing pump

Surface Prep Equipment



POWERPREP are a range of specialist application power tools that will handle a variety of surface preparation jobs. All are dust free when used with dustex hood and vac.


• Render surface scabblers

Surfacers for prepping brick, stone & concrete

Diamond grinders

Power sponge float

Dustex vacs

Trowels & Hand Tools



REFINA stock a range of specialist rendering tools all produced in the UK and Western Europe to the highest standard for use day in, day out


• Plastic trowels & sponge floats

Rendering scrapers & cutters

Feather edges

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