Plastering Tools & Equipment

REFINA supply the most comprehensive range of mixing equipment and hand tools for the plastering trade. The equipment includes the best selling and most reliable range of German made MEGAMIXER mixer drills and mixer paddles. We have a range of ROTAMIXER tub mixers for mixing larger quantities, pumps and spray equipment, and a vast range of hand tools to give the perfect finish to your plastering jobs

Mixing Equipment



MEGAMIXERS are produced by EIBENSTOCK Germany, Europe's leading mixer drill manufacturer and are available for hire or sale throughout the UK

All of our Megamixers will mix finish & backing plaster. Choose which model you need depending on how much you mix at a time and how often. We also offer a range of paddles to suit different materials


The heavy duty black tubs are for general mixing & gauging. We also have heavy duty rigid white tubs which are designed for site use, handling and mixing construction materials



• Mixing tubs


Click here for a guide on mixing plaster

Spray Equipment



REFINA air powered spray equipment is designed to compliment our range of mixers and to apply decorative coatings and plasters
There is spray equipment for applying internal paints and emulsion, hardwall and projection plasters, fireproofing and intumescent coatings


Masonry paint sprayers

Surface Prep Equipment



POWERPREP are a range of specialist application power tools that will handle a variety of surface preparation, refurbishment and repair jobs. All are dust free when used with dustex hood and vac.


• Surfacers for prepping walls & ceilings

• Surface scabblers

• Diamond grinder

• Large area drywall sanders

Power sponge float

Dustex vacs

Trowels & Hand Tools



REFINA specialise in supplying stainless steel trowels which are durable and rust free. We stock the largest range of specialist stainless steel tools in the UK for the plaster, repair and paint trades
All Refina labelled tools are produced in Germany, the UK and Europe to the highest quality


Plastercraft stainless steel trowels


Finishing spatulas

Corner trowels, bucket trowels & midget trowels

Plastic trowels & sponge floats

Feather edges

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