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Surface Scabbler

This multi-surface scabbler is made by Eibenstock in Germany. It is a high quality machine which is ideal for keying & cleaning concrete, render and masonry. Use with dustex hood and vac for a dust free environment. Available for hire and sale across the country

EPO180H-SRX Surface Scabbler

The EPO180H with scabbler head will clean, key and prepare interior and exterior wall and floor surfaces. The scabbler is excellent for stripping exterior facades and interiors before refurbishment or replastering, keying cellar walls for tanking
The scabbler uses freely rotating cutters to key and peen the surface. The cutters are replaceable
C6 tungsten carbide tipped scabbling cutters, for render and plaster; leaves a rough finish
C4 solid tungsten carbide claw cutters are for shaving off coatings; leaves a smooth finish
C5 solid tungsten star cutters are for keying hard coatings; leaves a keyed surface



• for scabbling concrete & render
• taking off masonry paints & tyrolean
• leaves peened or roughened surface
• stripping internal paints & exterior coatings
• chipping off paint & textures
• cleaning masonry & brick
• keying back internal walls & plaster
• taking off floor paints


  • EPO180H Scabbler 1500w
  • Variable speed 1300-4000rpm
  • Prep head 150mm
  • Prep rate up to 30m/hr

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