Surface Prep Equipment

Eibenstock - Made in GermanyPOWERPREP & EIBENSTOCK are a range of specialist application power tools that will handle a variety of surface preparation, refurbishment and repair jobs. All are dust free when used with dustex hood and vac. They are available for hire and sale across the country
Included in the range are the POWERPREP Paint Strippers for stripping off paint and textured coatings, cleaning brick, masonry and stone, preparing concrete and render, plus sanding & edging. POWERPREP Surface Scabblers are ideal for scabbling concrete & stone, keying back plaster & render, descaling marine structures & removing rust.
POWERPREP Diamond Planer-Grinders are powerful machines for grinding and reducing concrete, latex and screed; levelling and smoothing floors, stone and curbs, as well as removing carpet adhesive, bitumens & waterproofers. The Diamond Polishers are for smoothing and polishing stone, marble, granite and terrazzo.
The Refina DUSTEX Vacs are high volume specialist dust extraction vacs for dust-free working when used with Refina surface prep, grinding & cutting power tools.

Paint Stripper & Surfacers

The EPO180H is a versatile surface prep tool that can be fitted with a range of 7" discs and cups

The EPO180H with ATX disc will strip water-based paints, textures and graffiti from plasterboard, ceilings, trowelled concrete, smooth brickwork, masonry and stone
The ATX Paint Stripper disc is a hard backed open web, silicone carbide abrasive for surface cleaning. The discs will also prep wood, steel, stainless, aluminium, grp and plastic

The POWERPREP with hard backed ZEC discs will remove cement based coatings, oil based, epoxy and masonry paints, bitumastic sealers and waterproofers from concrete, render, stone and brickwork







Surface Scabblers

The EPO180H with scabbler head will clean, key and prepare interior and exterior wall and floor surfaces. The scabbler is excellent for stripping exterior facades and interiors before refurbishment or replastering, keying cellar walls for tanking
The scabbler uses freely rotating cutters to key and peen the surface. The cutters are replaceable









Diamond Grinders

The EPO125 will sand and smooth trowelled concrete, brickwork, masonry and stone; remove water-based paints, textures and graffiti from building exteriors, concrete and render


The POWERPREP EBS1802H is a powerful 1650w 5" diamond grinder and supplied with one segmented diamond disc
The new generation of diamond discs are excellent for prepping a wide range of difficult to remove coatings including thick, elastomeric wall coatings, cement adhesive, bitumens and hardened epoxies and stone paints









Diamond Polishers

The EPN1800 wet polisher with water feed is for smoothing, polishing and finishing concrete, natural stone, granite and terrazzo


The EPO1310-PX polisher is for smoothing and polishing stone, marble, granite and terrazzo

The system uses diamond pads from 50 to 3000 grit to achieve a high gloss surface. The grits can be used wet or dry






Drywall Sander

This drywall sander is used for sanding back and smoothing drywall joints; prepping and sanding walls and ceilings prior to painting and decorating. It is lightweight and comes complete with dust guard allowing dust free operation when coupled with a suitable vac

The edge of the dust guard is cut away allowing sanding right to the edge
The range of discs are velcro backed








Power Sponge & Float

The plaster power sponge uses a slow speed motor to sponge or float finish large areas of spray or trowel applied plaster or render

It works effectively on one coat and projection plaster, hardwall and following on behind a plaster spray pump









Dustex Vacs

Dustex vacs will control dust at source to give a cleaner and more professional working environment as required by main contractors and authorities

Health hazards caused by noxious particles are reduced as dust particles are filtered out by the easy to clean primary filter

The dustex vacs have a hi-flow by-pass vacuum motor and teflon primary filters. They have a heavy duty rotomolded vacuum body that will not get dented or damaged



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