All our trowels are produced in Germany to a high standard. We have an extensive range of small trowels and tools. All the trowels are stainless steel so they will not rust. We have a range of shapes and sizes for all your plastering needs

Bucket Trowels

These trowels have long straight sides to help load the mix onto the trowel and clean the bucket of residue
The heavy duty bucket trowels are produced from heavy gauge stainless steel, are fully welded and ground finished like a brick trowel for rigidity and durability

• for scooping up material
• getting the mix from the bucket
• applying & dabbing on walls


  • Range of sizes & shapes
  • Square & round end bucket trowels
  • Soft composite rubber handle

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Small Trowels & Tools

These applicator trowels are stainless steel for rust free use
There is a wide range of shapes and sizes for most finishing and detail work, including square end, pointing end, gauging, spatula and margin trowels
The small leaf and square tools are stainless steel and available in sizes from 10mm to 30mm

• finishing tight areas
• detail & cornice work


Corner & Angle Trowels

The adjustable angle trowel will be useful in every plasterers tool bag. It is for matching and finishing splayed angles
The square and angle tool is produced from stainless steel and is for setting accurate corners around windows, frames and reveals
The corner square is for producing clean internal 90° angles

• for internal & external corners

• square & angle tool for reveals & window frames


Midget Trowels

These are a range of small sized plastering trowels
The trowels have composite soft moulded handles and are produced in stainless steel for rust free use
They are used for finishing small areas or tight, narrow strips around doors, frames or switches
These midget trowels are a useful addition to any plasterer's tool kit

• for plaster & cement finishes
• working round pipes & reveals


  • Stainless steel, rust free
  • Range of narrow & small finishing trowels
  • Soft composite rubber handle

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