Heavy duty air powered compressors available with 110v, 230v or Honda petrol motors.

• portable site petrol compressors
• for powering spray guns & pumps
• surface prep tools & rotary scabblers
• needle guns & chipping hammers
• screw drivers & drills
• sanders & polishers

Petrol Compressors

The ACP compressors are British made with Honda petrol engines, built to an industrial spec with heavy duty and slow running belt driven air pump

The compressors will run all day on site and power a wide range of air tools, spray equipment, surface prep tools, mixers and drills

The compressors are supplied with solid rubber wheels as standard. Pneumatic tyres are an optional extra


Three sizes to choose from



  • ACF12P 12cfm 4hp compressor
  • Air output 340 ltr/min @ 6 bar
  • Air tank 3 ltr

  • AC15P 15cfm 5½hp compressor
  • Air output 425 ltr/min @ 6 bar
  • Air tank 60 ltr

  • AC30P 30cfm 11hp compressor
  • Air output 840 ltr/min @ 6 bar
  • Air tank 110 ltr

Download PDF from catalogue


Electric Compressors

The Refina range of portable compressors are built to an industrial spec with heavy duty motors and slow running air pumps

The compact air compressors have slow running direct drive motors and low noise air pumps with twin air receivers and are produced in the EC. The belt drive compressors are produced in the UK

The 110v units have soft start motors and are designed so that start up current is minimised. They are fitted with a 32 amp plug and need to run off a 5kva transformer




  • AC12 12cfm 1.1kw compressor
  • Air output 280 ltr/min @ 4 bar
  • Air tank 24 ltr

  • AC15E 15cfm 2.2kw compressor
  • Air output 390 ltr/min @ 6 bar
  • Air tank 60 ltr