REFINA a range of spatulas with super flexible, semi flexible and ultra flexible stainless steel blades

Mortar Guns & Harling Trowels

The guns are simple to use for mortar pointing
The skeleton type frame with trigger mechanism applies an even consistent mortar bead. The plastic barrels and nozzles are replaceable and easy to clean
The gun should be used with pre-bagged pointing materials or well mixed and plasticised mortars made with soft or river bed sand
The stainless steel harling trowels are for throwing spar dash and pebble dash onto newly applied sand and cement renders

• for applying brick & mortar joints
• lime mortars & traditional materials
• injecting cements & applying tile grouts


  • Easy to use barrel guns
  • Leveraged trigger mechanism
  • Plunger & spares available
  • Stainless steel harling trowel for spar dash


Render Scrapers

The scrapers are for giving renders a scraped finish and are used before the final set. The scrapers are used on the same day of render application before the final set. The surface laitance is scraped back exposing some of the aggregate and leaving a more decorative finish
The toothed scratchers have stainless steel prongs that will score undercoat and backing plasters
The angle plane is for reducing high spots and plaster wall surfaces, cleaning angles and beads
The lattice plane is used in a floating action and is for levelling the surface


• for keying & scraping monocouche renders
• gives scraped finish for colour through renders
• removes surface laitance


Rendering Ashlar Tools

The ashlar cutters are used to create recessed joints and profiles in external render to replicate the appearance of traditional ashlar masonry and ground floor elevations
Recessed joints or ashlar grooves are cut into the finished render whilst the render is still green but not fully hardened, enabling the formation of horizontal and vertical recesses
A straight edge or level is positioned against the render and the cutting tools are used to form the ashlar joint

For sanding insulation boards we supply metal or plastic cheese grater faced rasps


• for cutting recessed features in external render

• Rasps for sanding insulation boards


Rendering Scrapers & Feather Edges

The I profile aluminium straight edge is used for scraping back polymer and colour through renders, improving the flatness and uniformity of the scraped finish
The serrated feather edge when used on newly applied render will level the surface, remove air pockets, identifying hollows and low spots without bringing cement rich laitance to the surface
The serrated spatulas are produced with a flexible stainless steel blade with aluminium frame and are for knocking back textured topcoat renders to leave a flattened finish
The external corner plane will clean up beads and finish external corners


• aluminium tools for use on render
• I beam for scraping back polymer exterior finishes
• plane for external corners
• serrated feather edge for levelling render