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Power Sponge & Float

Manufactured by EIBENSTOCK, Europe's leading manufacturer of power tools. This is a versatile machine which will sponge and float backing coat plasters and renders as well as scrap back monocouche and one coat renders. For sanding polystyrene insulation boards a velcro-backed coarse sanding disc is available

EPG400 Power Sponge and Float

The EPG400 is a hand held rotary power float and sponge for finishing topcoat renders and plasters
A float disc and medium orange sponge are included with the machine. Optional discs are available for sanding polystyrene boards, towelling plaster and render, and scraping back monocouche and one coat renders
The plaster power sponge uses a slow speed motor to sponge or float finish large areas of spray or trowel applied plaster or render
It works effectively on one coat and projection plaster, hardwall and following on behind a plaster spray pump

• floating & sponging up
• power finishing wet plaster
• trowelling up render
• scraping back render


  • EPG400 Power Sponge & Float 500w
  • Speed 60rpm
  • Disc 400mm
  • Finish rate 50m/hr

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