PLAZIFLEX® Skimming Trowels

The updated PLAZIFLEX® range is manufactured in the UK. PLAZIFLEX® is a registered trademark of REFINA Ltd
These PLAZIFLEX® skimming trowels are for finishing, final trowelling and polishing multi finish plasters.
They are lightweight and easy to use leaving an excellent finish on the final skim coat.
The trowels are produced with a flexible sprung back design.
The Premium mini trowel is made in Germany and has a stainless steel blade with alloy shank and soft handle. Cork, leather and traditional wood handles are also available.
The trade quality mini trowel slots into the blade holder bracket on the top of the sprung back trowel blade.
The design gives flexibility across the blade width but rigidity along the length. The darby-trowel has a new roll grip handle and a clip on adjustable handle and extension pole is available for ceiling work. The darby-trowels are produced in sizes from 20" to 32".
New PLAZIFLEX® skimming spatula-rules are produced in sizes from 32" to 48".
Leather trowel holders are available for the 12", 14" & 16" PLAZIFLEX® trowels.  These help to protect the blade from damage.

PLAZIFLEX® Plastic Skimming Trowels

These PLAZIFLEX® trowels have been a popular edition to the plasterers' tool box. They consist of two parts, a mini trowel and a slotted PLAZIFLEX blade. The blades and midget trowels are easily interchangeable. The default option is the black flexible blade with a sprung backed blade supplied with the premium mini trowel. They give an excellent finish and are lightweight to use, easier on the arm and joints, cover large areas with less trowel pressure. Work on wet plaster, white cements & renders, ideal for multi finish & skimming.


• finishing and trowelling up topcoat plasters
• multi finish & skimming


  • New shape handle
  • Replaceable blades & range of sizes
  • Flexible blade suitable for curved surfaces
  • Produced in the UK
  • New soft composite rubber handles
  • Blade thickness 1.0mm


Optional PLAZIFLEX® Blades

We have a range a blades without sprung backing making then stiffer and more suitable for finishing and troweliing up topcoat plasters and internal coatings

The black blades are 1.0mm thick and will leave an excellent finish on the final wet skimming coat.

The stiffer grey blades are available in thickness of 1.5mm & 2mm and are ideal for finishing plasters & renders.

These blades are available in sizes 12"-16". For the complete unit choose from a lightweight plastic trowel or premium mini trowel. A range of additional handle options are available for the premium trowel in either leather, cork or wood and can easily changed to suit user preference.


• finishing and trowelling up topcoat plasters
• multi finish & skimming
• white cements & renders