REFINA levellers are made in England to the highest standard. Choose from notched, skid or pins to achieve the best result depending on the material being used

Pin & Skid Levellers

The pin and skid levellers are produced from heavy gauge aluminium and have a slotted stainless steel blade for setting various material depths
The pin leveller uses a set of hardened pins with an adjustable stainless steel plate to gauge and level floor toppings and coatings
The pins will wear down with regular use and the pin bar is easily replaceable
The depth is fully adjustable from 1mm to 20mm
The skid leveller has the same adjustable depth stainless steel blade but also two end skids. It is more suitable working on rough and uneven floors
The depth is fully adjustable from 10mm to 30mm
The notched levellers are used for pulling out floor surfaces to a precise depth and for putting down scratch coats
Any of the notched blades can be fitted to the leveller


• for epoxy coatings & latex
• pumped screeds & self-levellers


  • Adjustable height coating & topping gaugers
  • Aluminium frame & stainless steel blades
  • Stainless steel hardened pins or skids
  • Material depth adjustable from 1-20mm
  • Produced by Refina in the UK

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