Industrial Mixing Equipment

REFINA industrial mixing equipment is designed for mixing paints, fluids, chemicals and resins for use in factories and on site

The range includes hand held electric Megamixers, industrial quality mixer paddles and stainless steel paddles, mixer stands and barrel clamps, tubs, drums and material handling trolleys

For flammable materials, there is a range of air powered mixer drills and air motors

Air Powered Mixers

REFINA air powered mixing equipment is used whenever electrical powered mixers are hazardous or impractical. They are ideal for mixing solvents, lacquers, and volatile chemicals
Air powered motors have several advantages. They are non sparking, explosion proof and usable in harsh, chemical or dangerous environments.
These variable speed stirrers are well suited for light industrial applications including thicker viscous liquids

• pneumatically powered range of mixers

• hand held mixer drills

• stand mounted air motors
• mixer stands & barrel clamps

• range of industrial & stainless steel paddles




Electric Power Mixers

REFINA mixers are a range of industrial equipment that will batch mix liquids, resins, paints, powders and pastes in tubs, drums and barrels
There are mixers for use in the paint and coating, marine and fibreglass trades, ceramics and pottery, plastics and rubber, moulding and manufacturing industries


• fast, thorough, consistent mixing

• mix quantities from 1 ltr to 150kg
• soft start variable speed on all models

• 110 and 230 volt are available ex stock
• mixer barrel clamps, top brackets & pillar stands available



Stainless Steel Mixing Paddles

There is a wide range of stainless steel paddles, different styles and sizes, suitable for mixing various corrosive materials.
The paddles have a 14mm shaft and are for use hand held or stand mounted with air powered or electric mixer drills and motors


• large range of mixer paddles

• spiral, screw, plate & impellor designs
• sizes from 60mm to 300mm diameter
• replacement paddles for all makes of mixer drill

• paddles for liquids, powders & heavy materials
• cements, epoxies & paints

• adhesives, coatings & chemicals

• German made paddles




Tub Mixers

REFINA tub mixers are heavy duty forced action mixers suitable for heavy material. The rotating drum produces a centrifugal turn and fold action, the paddles are stainless steel so suitable for corrosive materials

• easy to clean & maintain

• quick change replacement parts
• produced with either plastic tubs or metal drums

• with heavy duty 110, 230 or 415 volt motors
• for powders, cements & coatings

• stainless steel mixer paddles



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