Hopper Spray Guns

Hopper Spray Gun

The Texaspray hopper spray gun is a versatile and easy to use gun for applying external coatings and tyrolean, tanking and waterproofing renders

Masonry Paint & Tyrolean Texture Sprayer

The hopper spray gun is a gravity feed spray gun that will spray a range of heavy bodied paints. The REFINA compact compressor produces good volumes of air at medium pressures
The hopper gun will effectively spray Sandtex masonry and high build paints, sand finish and exterior coatings, Artex and textured finishes, Cullamix tyrolean renders and stone paints, Vandex waterproofing and tanking renders
The gun is supplied with three nozzles: 4mm, 6mm and 8mm


• for high build & cementitious coatings
• Cullamix tyrolean & textured renders
• Sandtex & masonry paints
• Artex & textured coatings
• Monolastic elastomeric textures
• Vandex tanking & waterproofing coatings


  • Gravity feed spray gun with 5 ltr hopper
  • Versatile spray gun for heavy bodied paints
  • Proven design & performance
  • Easy to use & clean
  • Works with 1.5kw 10cfm compressor

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