Flooring Tools

Refina supply only the best quality trade tools and equipment. All tools and trowels are produced in Germany, the UK or Europe

Notched Trowels

REFINA stock a range of slotted trowels and spatulas with interchangeable blade styles and sizes. The trowels are all produced in stainless steel They have a slotted edge to take the full range of serrated blades The 22" spatula type applicator takes 2 blades and can be used with long handles for smoothing self levelling floor toppings










Pin & Notched Leveller

REFINA levellers are made in England to the highest standard. Choose from notched, skid or pins to achieve the best result depending on the material being used

The pin leveller uses a set of hardened pins with an adjustable stainless steel plate to gauge and level floor toppings and coatings

The skid leveller has the same adjustable depth stainless steel blade but also two end skids. It is more suitable working on rough and uneven floors

The notched levellers are used for pulling out floor surfaces to a precise depth and for putting down scratch coats









Spiked & Paint Rollers

The standard spiked rollers have individual discs that freely rotate on the centre bar. They are produced with spike lengths of 15mm with an overall diameter of 75mm.

The paint rollers are produced from fully bonded nylon nap to minimise any fluff loss when applying flooring top coats

Rollers and frames are sold separately










Squeegees & Coving Trowels

The squeegees are produced with a heavy gauge steel frame and can be supplied with a variety of replaceable blades

The coving trowels are all produced in stainless steel and have traditional wooden handles. They are available in a range of radius sizes









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