Flooring Equipment

REFINA supply a range of specialist application single phase surface preparation equipment that is available in both 110v and 230v
The equipment is for use by commercial floor and carpet fitters, wood sanding and renovation specialists, epoxy, screed, paint and concrete contractors, shop fitting, refurbishment and renovation trades and in factory maintenance
The machines are dust free if used with a Dustex vac

Floor Stripper

The compact RFX210 carpet stripper will lift floor coverings, carpet tiles, rubber floor coverings and vinyls

It has a vibration dampened handle and is of a sturdy machine construction


The RFG180 floor grinder is of a similar construction but is fitted with a segmented diamond disc and will remove floor coatings and tacky adhesives, reduce latex and cement toppings










Floor Grinders

Heavy duty diamond floor grinder with a range of diamond segments & grits. A compact and easy to use machine for use by industrial and epoxy floor contractors, factory maintenance and refurbishment, commercial and carpet floor trades


The diamond grinders are ideal for surface preparation prior to the application of epoxy coatings and floor paints, will effectively remove rubber deposits, adhesives, bituminous coatings and impacted dirt from factory floors. A profiled surface is left that provides a suitable key for resurfacing if used with coarse grit diamonds









Floor Multi-Surfacers

These powerful multi-purpose machines are for cleaning and renovating hard floors, concrete, terrazzo, natural stone, tiles and wood. A wide range of discs and heads are available to cover most cleaning, sanding and floor maintenance requirements
Applications include keying floor surfaces for recoating, sanding wood, removing trowel marks and rubbing down latex

The three speed version is more suited to renovating and polishing terrazzo and concrete surfaces










Tile Grout Power Sponge Machine

The Schwammfix machines are for cleaning cements and grouts from quarry tiles, external paviers, natural stone and granite sets

The grout is pumped or poured into the joint; the Schwammfix machine is used to pass over the newly grouted area and to sponge off the residue leaving a clean surface and compact joint





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