Floor Stripper

Diamond Floor Grinder

Eibenstock - Made in GermanyREFINA supply a range of floor and carpet strippers and grinders for use by the commercial floor and carpet fitters, refurbishment & shopfitting, trades

PD23 Diamond Floor Grinder

The PD23 is a heavy duty floor grinder with 230mm diamond plates and flexible drive coupling. The design is simple and the machine is easy to set up, use and maintain
The concrete and surface grinders are available with a range of grinding plates, segments and abrasives for levelling and prepping floor surfaces and coatings, grinding hard floors including concrete, epoxy and terrazzo
The diamond grinders are ideal for surface preparation prior to the application of epoxy coatings and floor paints, will effectively remove rubber deposits, adhesives, bituminous coatings and impacted dirt from factory floors. A profiled surface is left that provides a suitable key for resurfacing if used with coarse grit diamonds

• for grinding off concrete & laitance
• prepping epoxy & latex
• smoothing out trowel marks
• resurfacing old concrete & slabs
• taking off concrete surface laitance
• stripping floor coatings & paints
• removing membranes & hardeners
• renovating & maintaining factory floors
• finishing & levelling terrazzo
• taking off adhesives & sealers
• levelling & removing latex


  • PD23 Floor Grinder 1.5kw
  • Speed 1400rpm
  • Disc 230mm
  • Prep rate 40m/hr