REFINA have a selection of aluminium trapezium shaped and h section shaped feather edges. The box section straight edges and rules are for levelling and finishing wall and floor surfaces. The heavy duty levels have two handle slots and levelling vials

Feather Edges & Levels

The trapezium profile feather edges are produced from precision aluminium extrusions and have plastic end caps
They are for finishing and levelling plaster and render, wall and floor surfaces
The h profile feather edge is often used with projection plasters
Feather edges are essential for levelling any plaster or render surface, helps identify hollows and high spots before sponging and trowelling up


• for levelling & ruling off
• plaster & render
• floors & walls


  • Full range of shapes & sizes
  • Medium weight rules
  • Trapezium & h section feather edges
  • Box section straight edges
  • Board & floor rules
  • Levels with grips & vials

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