Dustex Vacs

Eibenstock - Made in GermanyPowerful vacs with by-pass two stage motors and teflon filters. For heavy dust areas a pre-separator cyclone drum is available which removes 95% of dust

XD171 & XD181 Dustex Vacs

Dustex vacs will control dust at source to give a cleaner and more professional working environment as required by main contractors and authorities.
The dustex vacs have a hi-flow by-pass vacuum motor and teflon primary filters. They have a heavy duty rotomolded vacuum body that will not get dented or damaged
Health hazards caused by noxious particles are reduced as dust particles are filtered out by the easy to clean primary filter
When coupled with the PC95 pre-separator cyclone, 95% of the dust is removed before it gets to the main filter. Using the pre-separator and vac to prep plaster walls or drywall joints, reduces down time for filter maintenance

The XD181 vacs have a longer drum body for better internal dust separation and have an internal cartridge filter as well as the primary filters. Fitted with hepa filters, the airflow is filtered down to one micron reducing health hazards caused by noxious particles

• for concrete & stone grinding
• plaster dust & drywall joints
• wood & board sanders
• paint & artex


  • XD171 Vac 1500w
  • Height 86cm
  • Vacuum 235m³/hr

  • XD181 Vac 1500w
  • Height 105cm
  • Vacuum 235m³/hr

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