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Diamond Sanders & Grinders

POWERPREP are a range of specialist application power tools that will handle a variety of surface preparation, refurbishment and repair jobs. These powerful machines have a range of discs available for use on concrete, brickwork and stone. All are dust free when used with dustex hood and vac
They are available for hire and sale across the country

EPO125 5" Diamond Sander

The EPO125 will sand and smooth trowelled concrete, brickwork, masonry and stone; remove water-based paints, textures and graffiti from building exteriors, concrete and render
The DX5-D5 are velcro backed multi dot diamond pads available in 30 to 300 grits. The diamond discs will sand and smooth hard wall and floor surfaces


• cleaning flat brick, stone & concrete
• cleaning masonry & brick
• smoothing & refurbishing stone
• sanding & finishing concrete
• prepping walls, floors & ceilings


  • EPO125 Diamond 1500w
  • Variable speed 1300-4000rpm
  • Disc 125mm
  • Prep rate up to 30m/hr


EBS1802H 5" Diamond Grinder

The POWERPREP EBS1802H is a powerful 1650w 5" diamond grinder and supplied with one segmented diamond disc
The diamond discs are excellent for prepping a wide range of difficult to remove coatings including thick, elastomeric wall coatings, cement adhesive, bitumens and hardened epoxies and stone paints

The EBS1802 will level floors, slabs and walls, stone, curbs, stairs and pillars; face off shuttered concrete lines and pour spills; remove hardened epoxies and stone paints; smooth out trowel marks from screed and latex; cut back carpet adhesive and tile cement residues; skim off traffic markings and thermoplastics

• grinding & levelling
• concrete, screed & stone
• remove hard epoxy & cement coatings
• cut through floor adhesives
• smoothing stone
• removing tile cements
• finishing shuttered concrete


  • EBS1802H Diamond Grinder 1650w
  • Speed 10000rpm
  • Disc 125mm
  • Prep rate up to 30m/hr

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