Grout Sponge Machine

The Tile Grout Sponge Machine is a continuous band sponging machine for sponging off cement grouts. It quickly cleans off grout from quarry tiles & pool surround, granite sets & pavers and leaves uniform & strong joints. For use on pavements & pedestrian areas, saves up to 70% of grouting time & labour

Tile Grout Power Sponge Machine

The machines use a continuous sponge band that is fed through a water bucket and rollers; the excess sludge and water is squeezed out leaving the sponge clean to repeat the cycle
The Schwammfix machines are for cleaning cements and grouts from quarry tiles, external pavers, natural stone and granite sets
The grout is pumped or poured into the joint; the Schwammfix machine is used to pass over the newly grouted area and to sponge off the residue leaving a clean surface and compact joint
The system improves the joint quality, avoiding washing away the cement in the joint
The machines will mechanically do the time consuming "hands and knees" job of removing cementitious and epoxy grout

• cleaning cement residues
• sponging off grouts
• finishing granite sets


  • SWM620P Power Sponge 4hp
  • Size WxL 55x97cm
  • Height 88cm
  • Sponge width 36cm
  • Prep rate 150m/hr